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Jenna Bienvenue

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Singer, Dancer, Actor


Hi there! I am so happy that you've made it to my website! I am a singer, dancer, actor currently based in New York City, but I am originally from Manchester, NH. Since the age of 4, I always loved standing on tables and singing through imaginary microphones. My parents knew then and there that I belonged on stage so I began taking acting, dance and vocal lessons. Then, I started performing in Musicals at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH. Since the moment of my first rehearsal, I knew Musical Theatre would be a part of my life forever.

When I am not performing, you can find me hanging with my nieces and nephews, the love of my life Aidan, or my new doggo Cooper. I have been reading a lot more recently, while treating myself to a local Bodega sammy!

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Up Next:
Peggy Sawyer in 42nd Street at The Palace Theatre

Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic

"Jenna Bienvenue transformed into the role of “Colin” convincingly and served as some of the best comic relief of the somewhat somber story."


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